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Home is the first school for every child. Education is a lifelong process and a new approach in the field of formal education is always watched with anxiety. The introduction of C.C.E by the C.B.S.E marks a paradigm shift in the approach to education. The chalk and talk method of frontal teaching has given way to the child-centred form of education. The teacher's role has become more of a facilitator than a dictator in the classroom environment.

It is viewed skeptically by a few educators and many guardians, and it is natural for all to be a bit anxious about the new approach. The new system in fact inculcates in a child the love for all-round development by putting special emphasis on Social, Cultural, Moral, Physical and Environmental arenas. It empowers him to become one to seek for knowledge than being a pimlve receiver. It minimizes the chance of cut-throat competition and encourages healthy co-existential development. It lays stress on personality development and love for nature. We are sure that in the days to come we will reap the fruit of this new system

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