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Sports day is an occasion where pupils, teachers, and parents come together for a day of competitive sport. Some schools choose to offer medals or prizes to the winners of the various events, but for others, participation is its own reward.

Sports Day
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International Anti Drug day

Vidyananda Vidyabhavan
International Antidrug Day 

The International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, also known as World Drug Day, is conducted by the United Nations. It is observed on June 26 annually. The global event highlights the physical and psychological impact of substance abuse, drug overdose deaths and drug-related humanitarian crises with an aim to eliminate the menace from society.

The event spreads awareness about the dangers of drug abuse not just to adults but also to children, who are the most vulnerable. Attention is brought to the issue of access to controlled illicit drugs for essential pain relief medications and scientific purposes.

Vidyananda Vidyabhavan

Yoga Day Celebration at School


International Yoga day celebrations were held at Vidhyananda Vidyabhavan School on June 21. The session was held in our school auditorium. Students from classes 5th to 10th took part in the celebration. The inaugural speech was given by the Principal Ushakumari mam who emphasized the importance of Yoga and physical exercises in daily life.We began our day with Suryanamaskar. As we give regular yoga classes students performed several asanas. They also performed standing and sitting asanas. One could understand by watching their performance that they have been practising yoga for the last few years.


Some of the seniors even did some of the tough asanas.There were teachers all around the students to help them in case they had trouble performing or understanding asanas. All the students participated eagerly.

Yoga Day
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